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European Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development for the countries neighboring the European Union (ENPARD).

ENPARD is a new policy initiative, which is part of the EU's commitment to inclusive growth and stability in its neighborhood and recognizes the potential importance of agriculture in terms of food security, sustainable production and employment in rural areas ENPARD of It was created by two joint communications of the European Commission and the European External Action Service, in March and May 2011.

EU offers all partner countries the opportunity to participate in a dialogue on ENPARD and is ready to оi help implement policies ENPARD and reforms related to all employees to transform agriculture / rural development оntr a priority sector of cooperation with the EU. This will include assistance оn preparing strategies for agricultural and rural development in the long term оmpreună with all relevant stakeholders, and institutional capacity building оn the necessary national and local level.

ENPARD will rely on the experience of EU dobвndită оn reforming the agriculture and rural areas оn оn under the pre-accession countries and will take into account the diversity of experiences and efforts in partner countries.

ENPARD also adopts a strategic and holistic approach, with emphasis on participation of civil society and stakeholders in the sector. National sector strategy, defining the challenges and objectives of sectors, form the basis of political dialogue оntre EU and its partners.

For ENPARD dialogue should lead to joint multi-annual work program prepared by partner countries and agreed with the EU, which оn the countries to define policy objectives оşi оn agriculture and rural development. This dialogue will also facilitate regional exchanges and help identify pilot actions where necessary.


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